(The Romsey Advertiser) – £50,000 INVESTMENT IN NEW TECHNOLOGY

Dr Samantha Price In Dental Treatment Room

The practice was the first in the area to install instant digital X rays, one of the first in the country to have a digital OPG (or oral scanner) and the first fully digital dental practice in the region. High quality images are not just important for diagnosis, with the new multi-media centres we can show patients very clearly where problems are developing, how to prevent them or why treatment is needed said Principal Dentist Samantha Price. We have been using intraoral cameras (which give live in-mouth video pictures) ever since we opened in Romsey 12 years ago. The new cameras are superb quality and the patient can now see the images, withtheir X-rays and scans in close-up, without leaving the dental chair. During treatment patientsDr Samantha Price With Dentaid Friends can relax and watch ceiling-mounted flat screen TV.

Samantha decided that the previous equipment which is still in excellent condition and worth thousands of pounds per surgery, would not be sold but donated to the charity Dentaid. The equipment will go to health centres in the developing world. Samantha commented ‘I did feel sad to see our equipment go but it is very satisfying to know that it will be put to good use in the Third World.’

Samantha added ‘Closer to home we are aware that money is tight for many people in Romsey, so we have frozen our dental fees at the 2007 level.’