This is our shared vision of what the aims, values and ethos of the practice are:

Our customers’ experience from the moment they have any contact with us will be welcoming, relaxed, helpful and efficient. We will provide a caring, professional, environment based on honesty, openness and trust. We will respect, appreciate and value each other and in doing so instil confidence and satisfaction in our customers. We recognise that good communication, enthusiasm and a positive attitude allows us to develop rapport and be proactive in order to embrace any changes needed to move the practice forward. As a dental practice we ensure that cleanliness, tidiness, hygiene and providing the best possible treatments to our patients are a priority and we also minimise the environmental impact of our business. Ultimately we aim that the experience for all of us, customers and staff, is rewarding and successful.

What our patients say about us

Karen & Colin Andrew Cosmetic Dentistry

Karen & Colin Andrew

Michelmersh, Romsey

Treatment: Karen – Cosmetic Dentistry          Colin – Dental Crowns

Karen: For 15 years I hated my oddly shaped front teeth and my “Dracula” eye teeth, looking at photos I realised I was smiling less and less. Sam created two fantastic crowns to replace my front teeth, people are always surprised when they find out my front teeth are crowns – they look so natural and are a great colour match to the rest of my teeth. Smoothing off my “Dracula” eye teeth and my new front teeth gave me back so much lost confidence. Thanks to Sam I now smile all the time!

Colin: As a child growing up in the 1960s and 70s I endured some of the worst dental experiences those years had to offer.  All I remember is being told to “sit down and be brave”, multiple tooth extractions and worst of all, the use of ‘gas’ as the anaesthetic. To this day I can still smell it!  The end result left me flatly refusing any dental care throughout my 20s, 30s and into my 40s, unless driven by excruciating toothache to seek some emergency attention. To say I was scared was an understatement!! Eventually, in 2004, my concerns of possible long-term tooth decay, potentially losing my teeth as became older, coupled with some gentle persuasion by my wife, convinced me to visit Sam at Romsey Dental Care.

From my very first visit it was clear that things had changed dramatically from my earlier recollections of dentistry.  I was put very much at ease and felt for the first time that I actually had some say in my dental treatment.  The first visit was a chat and a look at my teeth without using any instruments at all.  My second visit was only a few days later, with the help of a mild sedative, to allow a proper examination to be carried out.  At that stage I was very lucky and after my years of neglect I only needed some minor treatment to follow.  This time I managed without the sedative and my experience was as good as it was possible to imagine it could be, and from that point I never looked back.

In the years since I crossed my mental barrier I have received treatments I could previously hardly speak of, including root canal work and a crown which included my old nemesis, the upper/lower mouth impression !!  In preparation I was shown techniques to desensitise my mouth and my hair-trigger gag reflex.  In the past I would never have imagined I would willingly opt to receive any of these treatments.

Sam and her team have given me the confidence to have regular check-ups and hygienist appointments ever since.  I will always have a slight moment of trepidation when I step through the door into the surgery but my days of mortal dread have now long gone.  I cannot recommend Romsey Dental Care highly enough and for those potential patients who could be described as ultra-anxious, as I was, I would urge you to give it a try.  My fears dated back for decades and I am so grateful to Sam and all of her team for helping me to overcome them.

Paul Boshier Professional Smile Design

Paul Boshier

Braishfield, Romsey

Treatment: Dental Bridge

Following many years of discomfort with my teeth and gums, not being happy with how my teeth looked and wanting to be able to show a very proud smile at my daughter’s wedding. I decided to seek professional dentistry. I browsed the Internet in search of a local dental practice and was immediately attracted to Romsey Dental Care. Reading previous reviews assured me that they cared about the professional service they offered.
My first contact by telephone confirmed my thoughts, I was immediately made to feel that not just the dentist but the whole team were going to look after me.
When you first arrive at the practice, again you are made to feel so welcome. I can honestly say that everyone you meet makes you feel so assured that you are going to receive a first class service. From the moment I settled down in the dentist chair for the first time until I finally left the practice after the completion of agreed treatment, I was given a full explanation of my treatment plan and the best care for my teeth in the future. My new look has cured the gum problems I had, but most importantly has given me the confidence to smile more, therefore making me feel a lot happier. Can’t thank you enough Sam.

Colin Hutchman Smile Design Hampshire

Colin Hutchman

Bartley, Southampton

Treatment: Smile Makeover

Before my visit to Romsey dental care my smile was very guarded, I would normally cover my mouth with one hand during conversation. Since treatment with Sam I have a broad smile and am confident to show my teeth. The treatment plan was clearly explained, and the care from Sam and her staff was excellent.

Darren Carr Teeth Whitening Treatment

Darren Carr

Totton, Southampton

Treatment: Cosmetic Dentistry and Tooth Whitening

I originally came to Romsey Dental Care for routine dental work and would highly recommend them, the whole team have always been very helpful and friendly. I’ve since had my teeth whitened and some minor cosmetic work too, which was surprisingly straightforward and Sam was great at guiding me through the process. I’m really pleased with the results and if anyone is contemplating having dental work done I would definitely advise talking to Sam.

Other delighted patients:

‘I wanted to write you this email to personally thank you Kevin, for the professional care and approach you and your team provided me with last week. I have gone through almost 9 months of pain and difficulty both with my lower left molar tooth, and the unprofessionalism of “other” dentists. From my initial phone call to you, right through to last Friday’s extraction, your practice has been nothing but exemplary and given me real hope again that good care and treatment is out there and available – you just need to know where to look. My wife and 2 children will now be switching to you, and I am pleased to know that any future dental work is in safe hands.’ SV

‘The girls in reception are fab always there to help, will find you an appointment when needed. First Class dentistry in very nice surroundings!!’ SP

‘I’ve been terrified of the dentist for years and can now face having treatment. Thank you so much.’ HS

‘Absolutely wonderful I walk in smiling and walk out smiling no need to worry’ DP

‘I’ve been terrified of the dentist for years and can now face having treatment. Thank you so much.’ HS

‘Always very friendly and patient and a great help getting up the stairs as I suffers with my legs.’ MH

‘Professional and Friendly.’ CM

‘I cannot thank you enough for my new veneers, friends cannot believe how perfect they look and I have no problem smiling again… the teeth look tremendous and Romsey Dental Care was very reasonably priced for this…’ GW

‘I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my new crown. So, thank you. It is very comfortable and working well.’ RM

‘Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. A visit here is pleasurable.’ EM

‘I am so relieved I came to Sam for my new dentures. It took me months – literally – to pluck up courage to make an appointment, I needn’t have worried – all the staff were so welcoming, calm and very professional. The outcome was wonderful. Many thanks to all! SP

‘Absolutely wonderful I walk in smiling and walk out smiling no need to worry’. DP

‘I really appreciate the friendly welcome both from the receptionists and most especially from Sam. Such good conversation I almost feel relaxed!! I really hope this practice continues to flourish – I’m sure it will – as I certainly couldn’t bear to go elsewhere! Thank you! JL

‘Stephanie is excellent, very thorough, professional and caring’ NH

‘Excellent advice from Kevin, service with a smile from reception.’ CW

‘I’ve been at several practices but this is by far the best, the ladies on reception are so friendly, helpful and welcoming and the dentists and hygienists are all amazing! I look forward to my appointments and always feel good after I’ve left. Thank you so much.’ KJ

‘Exceptional treatment. Pain free and very quick.’ BG

‘Just wanted to say thank you as you did a brilliant job on repairing my mother’s front tooth who was fitted in on an emergency appointment a day or two before Christmas. I was in a panic that drenching day when all went wrong for her and knew your practice is highly regarded so consider us lucky you had a slot available.
As she was staying with us for 3 weeks it could have been a disaster for her if a temporary tooth didn’t hold over that period and she would have felt on a downhill slide to crumbling. She said you took a lot of care and we are all very grateful. She has had an X ray at your suggestion and her dentist said all was well with the gum etc and he was very impressed with your work.’