Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Being Undertaken We’ve been providing safe and effective tooth bleaching since the practice started in 1996, with many satisfied customers over the years.

Tooth Whitening for everyone

Whether 17 or 75, we want all our patients to feel happy with the colour of their teeth.
We’ll discuss the best whitening method for you, with results of up to 6 shades lighter than your original colour if you wish.

More than one way to whiten teeth

With prices from £395 for home-bleaching or £595 for the in-surgery Zoom! system we’ll make sure you enjoy the result you want at the price you can afford.
If you just have one or two teeth that are the wrong colour there may be a different solution, so contact us to speak to one of our dentists.

Regulated, safe and professional

Our dentists and therapists all offer professional tooth whitening. The law around the supply of bleaching products for teeth were tightened up by the EU during 2012 to ensure that ONLY qualified dental professionals can supply and provide tooth bleaching.
This is very important for patient safety. Unqualified beauticians and other non-dental practitioners may damage patients’ teeth and gums because they do not have the training to recognise problems or use the products correctly.

Home Teeth Whitening, from £395

This is the method to choose if you want full control of the end colour of your tooth whitening and are happy to wear trays at home. It offers safe, effective whitening at an affordable price.

Zoom! Whitening, from £595

If you have a special event coming up and need a bright white smile in one visit, then Zoom! teeth whitening is ideal.
At the single in-surgery treatment, we apply the special bleaching agent which is activated by the Zoom! Lamp. Fast and effective, the whole treatment only takes about 90 minutes.

Stay white

We want you to maintain your new whiter smile, so our Dental Shop stocks a wide range of professional products. This includes specialist whitening toothpastes, carefully selected by our dentists and hygienists.
Our prices are very competitive, especially for electric toothbrushes. And rest assured, we only stock models proven to provide significantly better cleaning than a manual toothbrush.