Dental Hygiene, Oral Health and Therapy treatments

Healthy mouth, healthy body

Gum disease causes bad breath, bleeding and, in the long term, tooth loss. What’s more, there is also a lot of evidence linking gum disease with other serious health issues like smoking, diabetes and heart problems.
That’s why gum treatment and oral health care is such a high priority at Romsey Dental Care. Oral health is about much more than just having fresh breath.

Qualified and Professional Romsey Dental Hygiene Team

Our dental hygiene team

Our Dental Therapists/Hygienists, Stephanie Carter and Stephanie Stephens, work with the support of Dental Hygiene Educator Donna Whettingsteel.
Together, they’re here to help patients keep their teeth healthy and beautiful for life, and their role is a vital part of our service.

Holistic approach

To make sure your total dental health is best cared for, appointments with our dedicated Dental Hygiene and Therapy team are made by special referral from the dentists.
Donna Whettingsteel Teaching Patient Dental Hygiene The range of services we offer include:

  • Dental hygiene instruction and advice on the best products for your individual needs
  • Assessment and treatment of gum disease and advice on lifestyle issues relating to oral health
  • Professional tartar and plaque removal to give a fresh, bright smile and help you clean teeth more easily
  • Air-polishing to remove even the most stubborn of stains on teeth
  • Fissure sealants. A protective layer of resin is bonded to the biting surfaces of back teeth to prevent decay

Our Dental Shop

Our dentists and hygienists choose the products we stock very carefully, to make sure you use the right home care products to both treat and prevent dental diseases.
Our prices are very competitive, especially for electric toothbrushes. And rest assured, we only stock models proven to provide significantly better cleaning than a manual toothbrush.