NHS Dentists survey

Romsey Dental Care left the NHS system in 2006 when the current target-driven contract came in as we felt this would impact on the range and quality of services offered – and it turns out we were right! We’ve always kept our prices competitive whilst offering a full choice of dental care including items not available on the NHS like all ceramic natural crowns, veneers, tooth whitening and implants. Interestingly there was a radio feature on this topic a month or two ago where over 350 NHS dentists were surveyed and some key facts were

  • 92% of the dentists who took part in the survey admitted that the NHS target systems had actually led to a patient having a tooth removed instead of receiving potential treatment to save it.
  • 93% felt that they could have given patients better treatment if they weren’t limited by the NHS system.
  • 95% feel that the system does not allow them to give the best quality of care.

Not surprisingly we’ve had patients try the NHS system believing it would be cheaper for the same dental care, only to return and tell us that the value for money and service was much better with us.¬† We are always delighted to see any patient who wants to return to our care, and if you ever have anything you wish to ask or discuss please contact¬†enquiries@romseydentalcare.co.uk or give us a call.