New shoes meet the rain…!

new walking shoes at Romsey Dental CareThe arrival of our new walking shoes gave us a burst of excitement when it came to planning our first training walk…the plan to complete a circuit we have discovered locally of 10 miles…so it was with a heavy heart I opened the curtains on Saturday morning to see a very grey sky with more rain than we have seen in the last few months together!
The one thing in all my planning for this first walk I had forgotten was to be prepared for rain…! After a long summer with gorgeous sunshine (too much sun in a way when we completed the Jurassic Coast walk) it was easy to forget that it does rain in England.

Still when Polly arrived at my house for an 11am start we were both excited to see how well we could do…and how dry we could stay.

For the first ten minutes we were busy avoiding the spray from lorries and cars trudging along the A36 before we turned into the New Forest; it was at this point that we found a sudden burst of energy. Somehow the grey, wet day made the forest seem even more exciting and the animals were still out in force giving us the fun game of ‘mind the cow / pig / horse’.

About 3 miles into the walk we decided to assess our wet-weather gear…it went as follows:

  • hands = cold / wet (trying to hide them up our sleeves)
  • arms = damp but warmer than hands
  • heads = dry (but we realised we were shouting at each other to hear through the hoods!)
  • legs = no other choice but to conclude very wet (definitely need to invest in waterproof trousers)
  • feet = dry, warm and comfortable (A+ for the new shoes so far)


running horses


We made it and the cup of hot tea at the end was one of the best I’ve tasted.


If you would feel you would like to support Steph and Polly on their walk to reach their target of £250 we have set up a donation page which can be found at:


romsey dental care team on a walk