Dental Technology

Our Technology here at Romsey Dental Care

We pride ourselves on providing a service at the forefront of innovation. Both surgeries are equipped with intra-oral cameras to show close up pictures of patients┬┤ teeth and gums and our investment in multi- media systems with chair-mounted computer screens means that patients can view all their images and computer records from the comfort of the chair.

In 2001 Romsey Dental Care became one of the first dental practices in the UK to install a digital oral scanner, which creates an instant computerised image of the patient’s entire mouth and jawbone, and this valuable piece of equipment has now been replaced in 2014 with the latest digital technology. We were the first practice in the area to become fully digital including our small in-mouth X-rays which give an instant result for immediate diagnosis. Since all our records are all stored and backed up digitally we can access information rapidly, including clinical charts and records, intra-oral images, patient photos and X-rays.

We’ve also always taken pride on minimising our impact on the environment, so for the new practice computers installed in 2014, we chose the lowest energy most efficient options available including ‘solid state’ drives. We have also introduced vital improvements to the way our data and equipment is networked and backed up, to improve our overall speed and efficiency for delivering service to our customers.

In-mouth Digital X-ray Sensors

The new high tech in-mouth sensors provide an excellent image using a much lower X-ray dose that can be required by films. Since the image appears within seconds there is no need to wait for results. The images can be enhanced to analyse important areas, and precise digital measurements can be taken for treatments like root canal therapy.

Digital Oral Scanner

This state-of-the-art technology creates an image of a patient’s jawbone, teeth, sinuses and jaw joints. This image appears instantly on the computer screen and can be assessed immediately, with the benefit of computer enhancement and magnification to help in detecting abnormalities.

The benefits to all patients are enormous – a routine scan can pick up otherwise invisible and symptomless problems enabling the dentist to provide the right advice or treatment before any discomfort occurs. The type of problems we are able to detect include:

  • Bone loss caused by gum disease
  • Wisdom teeth – their precise position and relationship to the nerves
  • Adult teeth that are out of position or missing
  • Abscesses or cysts around teeth which could cause problems if left untreated
  • Other benign growths in the jaw which can cause problems like jaw fracture if not detected (dentist Samantha Price had one such growth picked up on a scan)
  • Oral cancer – tumours in the jaws can be effectively treated if picked up early
  • Some jaw joint or sinus problems

Intra-Oral Cameras

Both surgeries are equipped with intra-oral cameras which can produce highly magnified photographic images from within your mouth. This is invaluable for demonstrating problems and cosmetic improvements and providing preventive advice. As a fully digital practice we can also capture these images into patient records for future reference.


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