Smile Makeovers – Align and Bleach

Gentle Teeth Straightening

Patient Smile Makeover With Align and Bleach Until recently, having front teeth straightened meant committing to either long and expensive orthodontic treatments or expensive (and destructive) options such as ‘Hollywood veneers’ or crowns.

At Romsey Dental Care we offer a gentler, quicker and more discreet option, that’s also much more cost-effective.

Dental Patient With Improved Appearance Of Teeth The Inman Aligner straightens and aligns crowded or protruding front teeth using two spring-loaded aligner bars. These apply continuous yet gentle pressure to re-align teeth kindly, safely and quickly.

The average treatment time is only 4-6 weeks. The aligner is easy-to-wear and can be put in and taken out as you like. So you can eat, brush (and kiss) normally.

Once your teeth have moved to the desired position, a very discreet retainer holds them in place, so they stay straight.

And to complete your smile makeover, we can offer a simple teeth whitening treatment that’s subtle and natural-looking, rather than celebrity-cosmetic.

Qualified reassurance

Dentist Kevin Hebenton Qualified In Align and Bleach Our dentist Kevin Hebenton has undergone special training in these align and bleach treatments and feels they have long term benefits too.
He says “one of the key benefits as I see it, which fits with the modern approach of minimally invasive dentistry, is that we are hardly removing any tooth tissue so the teeth are far less likely to have any further problems in the future.”