Dental Bridges and Implants


Bridges and Implants On Patient Colin Hutchman For patients with a missing a tooth or teeth, Dental Bridges and Dental Implants are a modern alternative to removable dentures.
Your dentist will discuss with you the best solution to meet your budget and requirements.


The simplest bridges don’t involve any tooth preparation, just a wing which glues to your adjacent tooth. This means even the most nervous patient can have their gaps filled with minimum intervention.

Patients’ stories

Bridges and Implants On Dental Patient Paul Boshier Look at the reviews of the two patients shown on this page (Paul and Colin) to hear what they say about the effect crown and bridge work has had on their lives.
It really does transform the way people feel about their teeth, and helps them smile with confidence again.


Implants are the closest you can get to having a brand new tooth. With some minor surgery, an artificial ‘root’ is placed in the jawbone and then a ceramic crown or bridge (new tooth/teeth) fixed on top.
Our dentist Kevin Hebenton works with the support of an external implant surgeon to place dental implant crown and bridge work. Our patients enjoy results than can last for many years.

Secure and confident

Romsey Dental Care Staff Undertaking Dental Analysis On Patient For patients who have trouble with loose dentures, dental implants can also be an ideal way to hold a denture in place securely, so you feel confident when talking and eating.

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A new patient consultation costs just £49 and bridges start from £495.
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