Price Guide

Price Guide

We’ve always been very happy to publish our price guide, as we know that we’re highly competitive and, just as importantly, provide excellent value for money for our dentistry & cosmetic work beyond price alone.

High standards

All our staff are regularly trained in the latest techniques and knowledge.
We use only the most skilled technicians and the finest quality materials, as well as investing in the latest technology.

Getting to know you

Please note this is a guide to pricing only, as the dentist must examine you in order to provide a detailed and precise quotation based on your needs. Also, if you’re interested in something not listed, please just ask.
We will always discuss all the possible, suitable options with you. We’ll make sure we work to your budget, and ensure you understand what you’re paying for at each visit.


We offer guarantees on specific items provided the patient attends the practice regularly, as recommended by the dentist, and follows the dentist’s advice for oral care including hygienist visits.

Initial / Emergency Dental Consultation
Age 16 or over incl. 2-3 Xrays £49
Child under 16 £29
Emergency initial appointment £59
Dental Implant Consultation (inc Xrays) £119
Aligner initial assessment £65
Regular Dental Check Up
Adult, age 16 or over £36
Child under 16 £19
Concessionary rate children’s days £15
Orthodontic assessment at checkup £10
Digital X-ray £10
(Small detailed instant image of tooth)
Digital Oral Scan £45
(Instant image of jaw bone, teeth & sinuses)
Dental Hygienist/Prevention
Regular Scale & Polish /airpolishing £60
Treatment of gum disease from £80 (per session)
Fissure Sealants, per tooth £20
(protective coating on back teeth)
Oral Health advice / demo session £25
Dental Crowns
Porcelain bonded to alloy crown from £450
Full Yellow Gold crown from £595
All Ceramic Aesthetic crown from £595
Zirconia crown from £495
Porcelain bonded to alloy bridge from £650
Resin-bonded (non-invasive) bridge from £495
All Ceramic Bridges – 3 units from £1200
Tooth Restorations
Silver amalgam fillings from £65
Composite fillings from £80
(to match tooth colour)
Porcelain / Composite onlays from £495
Root Canal Therapy from £395
Teeth Whitening (including Home Care)
Whole mouth, home tray teeth whitening £395
Zoom! Insurgery teeth whitening £595
Veneers and Bonding
Composite tooth colour resin from £180
Ceramic from £395
Top-of-the range aesthetic veneers from £650
Implants from £2450
(surgical phase may be outside the practice)
Dentures (removable appliances)
Full or partial dentures, acrylic upper and lower
3 Levels: £695 / £795 / £895
One full or partial acrylic denture
3 Levels: £495 / £595 /£695
Cobalt Chrome partial denture from £795
Immediate single tooth denture £285
Additions to acrylic/chrome dentures £150/£200
Facial Cosmetic Treatments
Cosmetic Consultation £95
(refunded at first treatment if within 3 months)
Muscle relaxing injections (Botox, Dysport) from £225
Restylane / dermal fillers from £225
(10% loyalty discount for regulars)